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The European Commission recommends to Bulgaria: 27% share of RES by 2030.

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The European Commission recommends to Bulgaria: 27% share of RES by 2030.

According to the European Commission, Bulgaria must achieve a share of renewable energy of at least 27 per cent by the year 2030 and implement measures for additional energy savings.

The European Commission also recommends to develop the social aspects of a fair energy transition and include them in the restructuring plan of the coal mining.

Bulgaria has to raise ambition to reduce primary and final energy consumption in view of the need to increase the level of efforts to achieve 2030 energy efficiency target and to support it with appropriate policies and measures that would provide additional energy savings by 2030.

To define promising general and specific objectives for market integration, in particular for measures to develop competitive wholesale and retail markets, both by promoting competition in the country, by moving to full market prices and by removing obstacles to cross-border trade.

Specify further the national general and specific funding targets for research, innovation and competitiveness specifically related to the Energy Union to be achieved from 2030 onwards so as to be easily measurable and appropriate to support the achievement of objectives in other dimensions of the integrated national energy and climate plan. Provide for concrete and appropriate policies and measures to achieve these objectives, including: those that need to be developed in cooperation with other Member States, such as the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan.

Strengthen regional cooperation with neighbouring Member States and within established regional cooperation frameworks such as the Group on Transmission of Energy between Central and South Eastern Europe (CESEC), including in the measurement of "Renewable Energy", "Energy Efficiency" and "Research, Innovation and Competitiveness" and taking into consideration the common challenges and shared common targets.

The full text of the document you could find out here.