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Photovoltaics (PV) is a method of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity using semiconductors that exhibit the photovoltaic effect. Photovoltaic power generation employs solar panels composed of a number of solar cells containing a photovoltaic material. Due to the growing demand for renewable energy sources, the manufacturing of solar cells and photovoltaic arrays has advanced considerably in recent years.

Turning sunlight into electricity, photovoltaics use a resource with unlimited potential. The system itself and its components are dependent on technological developments. Taking into account the rapid development of technology, prices have been steadily declining despite rising demand.

Since photovoltaic energy can be produced everywhere and on a small scale, it provides energy independence at national, local and individual levels. Because of this, it has a direct and positive effect on Europe`s energy independence and security of supply. Energy independence is becoming a factor of growing importance for economic stability and political security.

  • Do not cause noise and do not emit harmful emissions or other pollution, helping to reduce global warming.
  • Modules are manufactured to the highest European quality standards, making them safe and highly reliable.
  • The modules are recycled and made of silicon, glass and aluminum, whose use reduces the final prices of the products.
  • Installations require minimal support because they do not need prevention, and their installation is easy and fast.
  • Autonomous installations provide photovoltaic electricity for domestic purposes, cooling systems, telecommunication grids and more.
  • Modules are mounted on roofs and facades in a natural way, contributing to compensating for the energy consumed.
  • The main source of energy is the sun, and the panels are made of silicon, which is not toxic and is made of sand.
  • Due to rapid technological development and global distribution, return on investment is getting faster.
  • In recent years, the sector has average growth with 40%. This contributes to creating additional employment.
  • Оnly 0.7% of Europe`s territory has to be covered by solar installations to cover 100% of electricity need.


RePowerMap is an initiative that promotes renewable energy and energy efficiency by demonstrating and sharing good practice examples and practices around the world or events in the field. The goal is to unify and disseminate information, to create new contacts and to exchange ideas for new projects from different regions of each added example or installation of the map.

You have installed a RES system or have built an energy efficient building! Add your example to the map, make it visible, let it serve as inspiration for others and take the same action. Every example is important!

A large network of organizations, local authorities and regions from more and more countries are taking part in this initiative and make the map popular. Does your organization, society, region or company, play an active role in the development of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency? Integrate the map of your site to encourage people in the surrounding area to become active, energy-efficient, and to use renewable energy sources.