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Investments in RES in 2018 have fallen by 11%

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Investments in RES in 2018 have fallen by 11%

Investments in the renewable energy sector in 2018 have fallen by 11% compared to 2017, to $ 288.9 billion. This is stated in the report of the International Renewable Energy Support Network REN21 and is mainly due to the significant decline in investment in China". Investments in solar and wind energy remain the most significant. Developing countries account for 53% of the total RES investment, of which 32% are for China. 

These data do not mean a decrease in the interest in renewable energy sources, it is clear from the report. "Within five years, investments in RES exceeded $ 230 billion. With more or less stable capacity growth in the renewable energy sector, the reduction in investment may, to a certain extent, affect the reduction in the value of renewable energy, that is, more capacity for less money may be introduced" the report said.

The full report of the REN21 you could find out here