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EWRC adopted Regulation No. 6 on connection of energy facilities to the electricity networks

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EWRC adopted Regulation No. 6 on connection of energy facilities to the electricity networks

At a meeting held on 28.03.2024, the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission adopted a completely new Regulation No. 6 on the connection of energy facilities to the electricity networks. It regulates the public relations resulting from the recent amendments to the Energy Act and the Renewable Energy Act.

It reduces the administrative burden for the connection of electricity consumption, production and storage facilities. Only a document certifying the right in rem for construction on the property will be required for the study of the conditions for connection and the requirement for a design visa or an enacted Detailed Development Plan will be removed. It is foreseen that all documents related to site survey and connection shall be sent in accordance with the eGovernment Act, through the Secure Electronic Delivery System. Information may also be exchanged by e-mail. When concluding a connection contract, the operator shall coordinate the investment project only with regard to the compliance of the connection facilities with the requirements of the applicable technical rules and regulations for their design. The requirement to submit a detailed design of the connection facilities for coordination when concluding a connection contract shall be abolished. In addition to the deadlines for the study of the conditions for connection and connection in the Renewable Energy Act, the Regulation specifies and reduces the deadlines for all other types of facilities.

New public relations are regulated related to the distribution of electricity in a closed electricity distribution network, respectively to the connection of energy facilities to such networks. Issues related to the connection of closed networks to other electricity networks and the connection of storage facilities to networks are regulated.

The Regulation creates the possibility for connection under a preferential procedure of installations for production of electricity from renewable sources or installations of consumers of their own electricity with an installed capacity up to and including 10.8 kW. In this way, the installation and connection of photovoltaic systems on roof spaces and adjacent properties is accelerated and facilitated as much as possible.

Following the decision of the EWRC on the adoption of Regulation No 6 on the connection of sites to the electricity networks, the normative act will be sent for promulgation in the State Gazette.

With the final adoption of the new Regulation No. 6, the Commission fulfils its commitments to prepare a package of by-laws in view of the legal changes. In parallel with the forthcoming adoption of the amendments to Regulation No. 1 on the regulation of electricity prices, the regulator is also preparing amendments to the Electricity Trading Rules. With the adoption of these acts, the EWRC supports the efforts of our country to meet the conditions for receiving EU funding under the Recovery and Sustainability Plan.


Source: EWRC