RES Register

National public register of RES  - Transparency and Publicity of the Renewable Energy Industry

The project starts in 2010 and aims at achieving more transparency and publicity in the RES sector. VEI-BG Register is placed on an independent website, which is administered by the BPVA and contains information about projects of all types of renewable technologies for electricity generation. Each installation is visualized on satellite map of Bulgaria, according to the type of technology, capacity, etc. The access to the Register is completely free for viewing. 

VEI-BG is an initiative of BPVA in cooperation with APEE, BGWEA, SPEE-BG and Ecoenergy. In 2011 the project was supported by the Confederation of the Associations of Ecological Energy (KAEE) and by the grid operators – EVN, E.ON and CEZ.

In 2013 the project is realized by BPVA, as the Register can be found at vei-bg.org.