Campaign "Solar Charging"


The Bulgarian photovoltaic association organized a campaign within the European mobility week 2013, which aimed at promoting the innovative solutions of the photovoltaic technology in the transport sector and other walks of life. Within the period 16-22 September in front of the "Monument of the Soviet Army" in the Knyazheska garden, Sofia BPVA in partnership with Motto Engineering EOOD, ELLON EOOD, Sun Service EOOD, Climacom EOOD built a standalone photovoltaic systems (off-grid) – parking. The electricity which it produced was used for powering electrical vehicles, incl. bicycles, scooters and etc. The vehicles were provided for test drive by Drag bicycles and Eco Mobility.

“Solar charging” managed to open the doors of the capital of Bulgaria for the integration of green energy solutions in the transport and urban design. Thus Sofia, if only for a week, became one of the hundreds of cities, implemented innovative energy technologies in their overall design. Together we managed to prove that the ecological travel and the production of clean energy can effectively fight the problems of the modern communities. The photovoltaic parking deserved to be among the winners in the Bulgarian RES Championship, organized by the Association of the Bulgarian energy agency (ABEA) and took the third place in League “Solar energy”.


The campaign European mobility week has been organized since 2002 by the European commission and aims to promote the alternative means of transport. Bulgaria has been taking part from the beginning. Sofia participated in the activities for the third time. Additional information you may find at http://www.mobilityweek.eu, as well as on the website of the coordinators of the events – “Veloevolution” http://mobilityweek.velobg.org.

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