"10.000 silar roofs" Program

BPVA initiated the program "10 000 solar roofs" deigned to reduce the bureaucratic procedures and to introduce more favorable tariff rates for rooftop and facade PV systems.

BPVA strives to implement Directive 2009/28/EC. According to the Directive the installation of small PV systems on roofs and facades should be facilitated and should be subject only to a notification regime prior to the connection to the national electric network.

Our ambitions are to create impulse for every Bulgarian to have the opportunity to invest in a small photovoltaic rooftop or façade system. Thus every consumer will be an energy producer as well. The electrical energy will be produced on spot of consumption and will cover the daily peak hours when electricity consumption is very high (especially in summer).

The rooftop and façade solar systems will bring additional incomes to the households and tourist places, reducing the load on the electrical network and the electricity transmission losses.

The integrated photovoltaic systems can become extremely important for the Bulgarian economy – they can stimulate the creation of thousands of jobs and the revival of the traditional manufacturing that has been severely affected by the global crises.