BPVA Membership Benefits

A source of updated and latest information on legislation in the field of photovoltaics and RES 

  • Current information about future tendencies and changes in Bulgarian legislation, which allows making informed strategic decisions in the field of photovoltaics and renewable energy at Bulgarian and European level;
  • Summarized information about the administration procedures, feed-in tariffs, funding opportunities and important documents in the sphere of RES and photovoltaics;
  • Expert analytical information about the photovoltaic sector at national, European and global level – analyses with BPVA cooperation, prepared together with EPIA, the German Photovoltaic association, as well as some of the projects in which BPVA participates (PV LEGAL, PV GRID, etc.);

A platform for communication among more than 320 companies and organizations from the photovoltaic industry, institutions, media and other

  • BPVA has more than 320 members – Bulgarian and international companies with different profiles. The association is a platform for communication among its members, the institutions, the media, international organizations (European Photovoltaic Industry Association – EPIA and most of the national photovoltaic associations in Europe), academia, NGOs, etc.;
  • BPVA organizes informal meetings for its members, friends and partners – “Meet the Members”, where different topics can be discussed in friendly and cozy atmosphere;
  • Access to a section of the website available only for members, where you can find forum for communication among BPVA members for finding new business opportunities and partnerships and for cooperation from other BPVA member companies;

Assistance and advice 

  • Advice and consultation on various topics and issues about the photovoltaic industry;
  • Expert support/assistance in the preparation of complaints and signals for problems with the institutions and other relevant organizations (EDC/DNO company, NEC, ESO, SEWRC, etc.);

Opportunity to participate in BPVA activities and influence the development of the photovoltaic industry in Bulgaria

  • Participation in working groups (WG), seminars and meetings of the association (WG Policies and Strategies, WG Communications and WG 10 000 Sun Rooftops); 
  • Participation in preparing and discussing of legal opinions and other political documents;
  • Identifying and discussing practical problems of the sector and providing the opportunity to achieve real changes; 

Information about innovations in the industry and emerging business opportunities

  • Receive a monthly BPVA newsletter in a bilingual version (Bulgarian-English) with current and summarized information about the latest legislative mechanisms, important news, upcoming events, publications, information about new members, etc.;
  • Access to the section “For members” on BPVA website, which includes an English translation of AERS (the Act for Energy from Renewable Sources), presentations, videos and summarized information from conferences (organized or co-organized by BPVA), etc.;
  • Information about important events and news from the PV sector, for which BPVA members are informed by e-mail;

BPVA – A communication channel 

  • Opportunity for publishing news and information about a company’s projects on BPVA website, as well as on the association’s facebook page. BPVA spreads news about its member activities and among its media partners;
  • Opportunity for distributing a company’s promotional materials on events, organized / co-organized by BPVA, as well as at all other events, in which BPVA or its representative participates (including exhibitions);
  • Information about the accepted within the last month companies in the monthly BPVA newsletter, presenting them to the other more than 100 companies, as well as to over 100 mails of partners;
  • Section with news for BPVA member companies in the monthly information newsletter of the association;

Presentation of the company and opportunity for feedback

  • A company’s profile on BPVA website including a short presentation, contacts, logo, information for successful projects and direct link to the company’s webpage. Listing the company to the relevant to its activity category (consultants, distributors, suppliers, investors, EPC, law firms, etc.) for easier identification by interested parties; 
  • Presentation of the company’s activity and examples of successful projects in BPVA Yearbook (the first issue from 2011 can be found here - http://bpva.org/admin/uploaded/BPVA_Yearbook-2011.pdf). The print edition is distributed for free at events, in which BPVA participates, among our partners, interested parties and other;

Preferential conditions and discounts for BPVA Members  

  • Annually BPVA organizes conferences, forums and other events like International Forum "SOLAR BALKANS" 2011 and 2012, Conference "Photovoltaics in Bulgaria – prospects for sunny development", December 2010, etc. BPVA offers its members preferential conditions and discounts for participation, sponsorship and advertisement for all the events, which the association organizes or co-organizes;
  • BPVA member companies can benefit from preferential conditions for participation in diverse events (conferences, forums, trainings, seminars, exhibitions), organized by our partners;
  • BPVA members receive certificates in Bulgarian and English, verifying their membership in the association;

Assistance in finding qualified personnel and other services

  • Opportunity to publish ads on BPVA website, section "Careers" for vacant positions in your company and to find the most suitable applicant for the job; 
  • BPVA maintain database of contacts of qualified job seekers in the PV sector and can assist you in finding expert staff.

BPVA Membership and an Application-Declaration Form