Student Practices

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The project “Mobility practice in German companies in the field of renewable energy sources” (MPGC-RES) regards to sending a group of 20 students for a three-week practice in companies, which are active in the field of renewable energy and based in Germany. Partner organisations in the project implementation are

/Logos/bpva_logo_sun.jpg the Bulgarian Photovoltaic Association,

/Logos/spge_logo.pngSVHSE “John Atanasoff” and

/Logos/wbstraining logo.jpg WBS Training AG.

The project aims to reduce the gap between education and business by enabling students from SVHSE “John Atanasoff” to learn the latest and innovative knowledge and gain experience in the RES sector. The students will also visit leading companies in the industry of electricity generation from the sun and other renewable sources, as well as energy self-sufficient buildings/places.

The practice will be held from June 2 to June 22 2013 in Dresden and its object is directly related to the curriculum of the end-beneficiaries – the students with major electronics and electricity from SVHSE “John Atanasoff”.

Main purposes:

- Reaching the best training practices and technologies in the field of RES in working conditions and international environment;

- Acquiring knowledge, skills and competences in the field of renewable energy sources;

- Forming skills for teamwork;

- Improving and expanding of linguistic skills in the technical field. Enhancing communication skills in English and German language, acquiring skills for communication in a multicultural environment and motivation for learning foreign languages;

- Strengthening the interaction between educational institutions and business - the production environment;

- Introducing to the diversity of market products using renewable energy in the host country;

- Disseminating the experience gained during the practice in this field, which will be realized by means of ICT and will be directed to the needs of vocational education and training of young people in this new and perspective field. This will ensure increased public awareness of the application of modern energy solutions at regional and national level;

- acquiring knowledge, skills and qualification, which will build  facilitate personal development, employability and competitive advantage in participating in both national and European labor market, etc.;

Expected results:

- Improved communication between business and education in the field of renewable energy;

- A more detailed knowledge and ability to widespread German practice in the field of RES;

- Increased professional competences of the students, which they can apply in Bulgaria;

- Higher specific language skills of the participants;

- Acquired experience for solving case studies of current work in the field of RES;

- Created online platform for sharing the activities and the results achieved during the practice, etc.;

>> More information regarding the project here