About us

Bulgarian photovoltaic association (BPVA) is a nonprofit organization unifying more than 400 companies from the renewable energy sector in Bulgaria

Our members are companies with different profile- producers of solar panels, designers, installers, investors in the construction of photovoltaic power plants, project developers, financial institutions, investment companies and consultancies.

BPVA’s mission is sustainable, low-carbon, modern and corresponding to the European standards energy sector.

BPVA’s objectives are:

  • stability and predictability of the legal and regulatory framework for investors in renewable energy;
  • full implementation of the Third Energy Package of the European Union; 
  • promotion of the benefits for Bulgarian citizens and the perspectives for the country from the creation of the European Energy Union;
  • support by the national institutions of the new climate and energy targets of the European Union by 2030;
  • increase the share of renewable energy in consumption to 50%;
  • promote the positive effects for society from the production and consumption of green energy (in terms of climate, health and environment);
  • improvement of the conditions for new investments in renewable energy.

The Association maintains effective communication with National institutions – National Assembly, Council of Ministers, Ministry of Economy and Energy, State Commission of Energy and Water Regulation, etc.;
grid operators – Electricity System Operator (ESO), the companies – CEZ, EnergoPro and EVN;
professional associations - Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), Association of Producers of Ecological Energy( APEE), ASE, Bulgarian Wind Energy Association (BGWEA), Alliance of the producers of ecological energy – BG (APEE-BG), Ecoenergy, etc.;
environmental associations – Climate Action Coalition - Bulgaria, WWF-Bulgaria, etc.; local and international companies operating in the energy sector.

BPVA is an Associate member of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) and part of the Confederation of Associations for green energy, Confederation of Employers and Industrials in Bulgaria (CEIBG) and Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA).

Statutes of the Bulgarian Photovoltaic Association (pdf)